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Luigia Martelloni was born in Rome, Italy. She received her MFA from the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, where she developed her unique visual aesthetic, which rooted in the modern avant-garde, is largely absorbed by detachment from conventions.

Influenced by the Italian Arte Povera movement, her ouvre is inspired by artistic freedoms liberated by Duchamp's readymades and framed by the literary and psychological rhetorics surrounding the surrealist movement.

Upon completion of her master degree, Ms Martelloni went to live in New York, the city that held her first solo exhibition. She began an ambitious year long project in which she traveled around the United States and Central America, a journey of self-exploration to study the art and the culture of Americans. Inspired by her travels, she began to exhibit her work in Rome and New York. Her painting, photographs and installations were the result of her journey.

Her artist practice thus developed a focus on uncovering hidden layers of truth, exploring dimensions of collective unconscious and subjective interpretation.

Martelloni captures the ephemeral and affixes the transient into enduring works which transcend artistic subjectivity and find new meaning within a spectator. Aiming to achieve intimate reciprocity between artist and the viewer, she focuses on process and tactility, and is increasingly concerned with the relationship between object and space, and the richness of perceptual experience, evolution and transformation.

Recognized for her frame of concept and multidimensional expression, Martelloni's work has been exhibited across the USA and Europe.

Among many exhibitions: one person solo shows presented by Museo Laboratorio d'Arte Contemporanea, University of Rome La Sapienza. Spazio Italia Gallery at Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles, The Loft at Liz's Gallery, Gallery 825 and Vorpal Gallery in New York.

Her work was included at Santa Monica Museum of Art, Torrance Art Museum, XII Quadriennale Nazionale d'Arte di Roma., Mopla (Month of Photography in Los Angeles) and featured at the “Italian Pavilion of the World” 54th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, Italy.

Furthered by her post graduate training in Film and Photography, her multidimensional oevre encompasses performance, still images and video.

Her strong interest in filmmaking eventually led her to work in the movie industry in Rome.

With cross-disciplinary reach, the artistic repertoire includes creative collaborations with Francis Ford Coppola, Dean Tavoularis and Luigi Comencini, among many others, and reflects a roster of acclaimed theatre productions and documentary films.

Luigia Martelloni works and resides between Los Angeles, New York and Rome where she continues her pluralistic practice of subverting conventions in the stride towards new discoveries.


“Luigia Martelloni took my Art History courses in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, graduating summa cum laude with a profound and brilliant thesis on the influence primitive cultures had on the avante-garde in our century.

Luigia Martelloni was immediately distinguished for her intellectual curiosity and originality of research, these qualities bring her towards multiple experiences: from painting to photography, from video to performance.

An essential component of her versatile personality is to always gather information through traveling, study, and direct inquiry, not separating the fantastic and creative aspects from the speculative and the empirical

Even though she currently lives in the United States, Luigia Martelloni is well known and appreciated in Italy as one of the most valid young artists. Proof is her participation in important exhibitions like the XII Nazionale Quadriennale d’Arte di Roma (Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma) and her solo exhibition at the Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea of the University of Rome, La Sapienza and her participation at the 54th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia."

Lorenza Trucchi, Art Historian/Critic


“Through my art I try to bring messages to the world. I like to conceptualize ideas that tell stories.

I'm interested in the process and follow the idea.

In my work I pay particular attention to the natural world and its relation to humanity, transforming and reinterpreting everyday reality: traces from nature, fragments, geographic places, urban spaces, different cultures. I work with multimedia installations, painting, found material, photography and video.

In my work with trees, I often remove them from their habitat in order to magnify their grace, their beauty, the spread of their branches out in the air, to reveal their unique truth and memorize the moment of the encounter.”

Einstein advised: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.


Selected Solo Exhibitions



Home, Memories and Routes Conversation Gallery at SMAS, Santa Monica CA


SMARTists  Multi-screened video installation,  Santa Monica Art Studios 

Walking ARTists   site specific installation during Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair (ALAC) and More Art Here, Santa Monica Airport


Breathing  Gallery 825, Los Angeles

Element Earth  The Loft at Liz's Gallery, project room, curated by Linda Dzhema and Liz Gordon, Los Angeles


UBM (2015-2017)  Los Angeles

VS Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

Rosso Veneziano  a site specific project @ David Eddington's garden. Venice Art Walk, Venice 


The Nature of All Being Within Itself Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica 

Conversation Piece on Nature  Hangar Gallery Santa Monica 


Natura Naturans  Il Moro, Los Angeles


Walking ARTist  public art project during Venice Art Walk, Venice CA


Arbres et Branches  French Market gallery 


2004-2015 Santa Monica Art Studio Annual Opening


Crossroads/Cross America Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles


Presence of Absence Spazio Italia Gallery, curated by Giovanna Zamboni and Guido Fink @ IIC Los Angeles


Special Project Opening Gallery Rome


FOCUS  Museo Laboratorio d'Arte Contemporanea Universita` La Sapienza, curated by Patrizia Mania, Rome


Tridente Fotografia  Arco D'Alibert Gallery, Rome

Crossroads/Crossimages  video installation Random Gallery, Los Angeles


Frammenti di viaggio  curated by Lorenza Trucchi, Al Ferro di Cavallo Gallery , Rome


Studio d'artista Rome


Action Castello Colonna, Genazzano

Vorpal Gallery New York


Selected Group Exhibitions


Alive in the Universe / Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, 58th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale Italy

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival ARENA 1 Gallery / during Arte Contemporary LA 2018

Plexus International /MACRO Asilo Rome, Italy

Between Two Seas / LA International Arena 1 Gallery Santa Monica CA

RAW Rome Art Week 2018 / Rome Italy

Between Two Seas / Southern California meets Southern Italy, MAAAC Museum Cisternino Italy

SuperGirls (supporting the dreams of girls and women in the arts) Mary Baldwin Gallery Los Angeles

Italianita` IAMLA / Italian American Museum Los Angeles


Sea of Promises  Arena 1 Gallery/ a collateral exhibition with Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair

L'Applicazione Dell'Arte MAAAC/Museum Contemporary Art, Cisternino, Apulia/Italy

Santa Monica Airport Art Walk


Holiday Art Show  Groundspace Project, Los Angeles 

Final Mas Attack  Torrance Art Museum, Torrance  

Art & Home  Room & Board, Culver City 

Topological Skew  curated by John O'Brien, Sam Francis GallerySanta Monica 

Material Matters  curated by Sherry Frumkin, Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica  


EgoSuperEgoAlterEgo  MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome 

Conflictus  curated by Alberto Vannetti, MAAAC Museo Arte e Area Archeologica di Cisternino, Puglia 

MaSk Attack  curated by Max Presneill,   Temporary Contemporary, Los Angeles 

My Roots can Hear the Leaves Grow  Montoro 12 Gallery, Rome  

Art & Home  Room & Board, Culver City 

An Odyssey: 10 Years of the Torrance Art Museum, TAM Torrance 

LAAA Benefit Auction Gallery 825, Los Angeles 

Realities and Concept  MOPLA 2015 Month of Photography in Los Angeles 

Incognito,  Santa Monica Museum of Art. SM


Mas Attack 7  Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica

Holiday Art Show, Groundspace Project Gallery, Los Angeles

SMAS 10th Anniversary Open Studios & Exhibition, Santa Monica Art Studios

 5x5  Westmount Museum – Santa Barbara 

MAS Attack 6  TAM Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles

Annual Benefit Auction Exhibition  LAAA 825 Gallery, Los Angeles 

Thanks for the Mammaries For Your Art Gallery Los Angeles 

Incognito 2014  Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica 

Open Call 2014 Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park Los Angeles 

Fresh stART 2014  Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica 

Luminosity  The Loft at Liz's Gallery, Los Angeles 

Ten Artists Talk  Hangar Gallery Santa Monica. Critique by Peter Frank


Artistic Uprising  Antioch University, Los Angeles 

In House  Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica 

Get Art 2013  Project Angel Food org, Siren Studio, Hollywood 

Incognito 2013  Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica 

Gleaming Apollo  Juried by Shula Narazarian, Gallery Owner & Director of Shulamit Gallery Venice, LAAA Gallery 825

LAAA's the 2012 -2013 Open Show  Juried by Rebecca Morse, Assoc. Curator MOCA, Los Angeles,


LAAA's Annual Benefit Auction  LAAA 825 Gallery, Los Angeles,

Through The Eyes of Our Children Chai Lifeline West Coast, Los Angeles

Gem  Gallery 825 Los Angeles

Venice Art Walk  Google Building, Venice 

Tree  curated by Anna Dusi , ADC & Building Bridges Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, 

One Shot: The City  The Loft at Liz’s Gallery/MOPLA, Los Angeles, 

Santa Monica Art Walk

Incognito 2012  Santa Monica Museum of Art


5x5 An Invitational  Westmont Museum, Santa Barbara

Angels’ Night  Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles

Breaking in Two: Provocative Visions of Motherhood  A Pacific Standard Time exhibition, Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica

Seeing through the Eyes of the Mona Lisa  curated by Yossi Govrin Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica

 Chain Letter  curated by Christian Cummings and Doug Harvey, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica

54th International Venice Biennale  IIC Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles 

 54th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia  Arsenale Padiglione Italia , Venezia

Art-House /Habitat For Humanity  Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica

Incognito 2011 curated by Elsa Longhauser and Lisa Melandri, Santa Monica Museum of Art

Create for Japan TAM – Torrance Art Museum 

Santa Monica Airport Art Walk Santa Monica Airport


DKNY-SHFT  curated by Edie Kahula, Peter Glatzer, Adrian Grenier // Soho Art Gallery, New York 

Libro/Oggetto: Italian Artists’ Books, 1960s-Now  curated by Giovanna Zamboni and Randi Malkin Steinberg, Santa Monica Museum of Art

International Mail Art Show  Armory Center for the Art Curated by Jay Belloli Pasadena 

Signs of the Forest curated by Jean Clad Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica 

Shft  curated by Edie Kahula Pereira Continental Gallery, Art District Los Angeles, 

Incognito 2010  Santa Monica Museum of Art 

Airport Art Walk Santa Monica

15x15  ADC Contemporary Art Gallery, Los Angeles


Incognito 2009  Santa Monica Museum of Art

Nature Calling  The Loft at Liz’s Gallery, Los Angeles

Santa Monica Airport Art Walk Santa Monica

Context  Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica


Art Holiday Show  Trine Wejp-Olsen Studio, Santa Monica

Linear Motion  The Loft at Liz’s Gallery, Los Angeles

Euphoria  The Loft at Liz’s Gallery Los Angeles

Incognito  Santa Monica Museum of Art

Santa Monica Airport Art walk

Arena 1 Gallery Show  Santa Monica

In Context  Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica 


Green-er* Sessions, Green Ambassadors Venice

DCA – Open Call LA 2007  Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles

Visioni Dell’Umanita` Pensieri in Moto Gallery, Rome

Venice Art Walk Exhibition Venice

Out of Context  Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica

Incognito 2007  Santa Monica Museum of Art at Bergamot Station

Art/House 2007  Gallery C Hermosa Beach, CA 

Santa Monica Airport Art Walk 

Visioni dell’ Umanita Linux Club. With the support of Amnesty International, City of Rome and the High Commission for Refugees 


Focus on Photography  Venice Art Walk Exhibition Venice


Intersection – An installation project, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

Angels’ Night 2005  Home of Ava and Chuck Fries Beverly Hills 


Venice Art Walk Exhibition // Venice, CA 


Envisioning the Future  Interdisciplinary Project with Judy Chicago & Donald Woodman Cal Poly Pomona Art Colony, Downtown Center, Pomona 

Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea  2003 Porto Ercole, Italy

House of Hope  Beverly Hills Hotel

DCA gallery  Venice, CA 

Venice Art Walk Exhibition Venice


Documenti In Mostra  Museo Di Roma In Trastevere Rome


Venice Art Walk Exhibition Venice


200 Artists/ 2000 Millennium  BGH Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica


Moving Towards the Millennium  L.A. International , Watts Tower Center, Los Angeles, 

Before/Now  curated by Barbara Drucker Artworks Booksart Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica


Artists for Opening  Temple Gallery Rome 

Rassegna Roma Arte  Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Rome

Europa Festival  curated by Alberto Pranzo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Los Angeles


Ipotesi di Realta'  curated by Lucilla Meloni , Villaggio Globale Rome 

Artists for Opening  American Academy Rome 

Italia 1970 - 1990, Ultime Generazioni XII Quadriennale Nazionale d'Arte di Roma, President & curator: Lorenza Trucchi, Palazzo Esposizioni and Termini Station, Rome 


FaxArt curated by Ludovico Pratesi Palazzo Esposizioni, Rome 

A.R.G.A.M  curated by Lorenza Trucchi , Egyptian Academy and Narciso Gallery, Rome


Artist for Opening  The British School, Rome 


Artisti della Galleria  Marco Rossi Lecce Gallery, Rome 

Roma Arte curated by Ludovico Pratesi Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro EUR

Depositi di Polvere  curated by Giuseppe Cannilla and L. Meloni, Antonella Melari Gallery and 2nd University of Rome,


French and Italian Artists  Salander O’Reilly Gallery Los Angeles 

Foregrounds and Distances -- European Art curated by Marco DiCapua, De’ Serpenti Gallery, Rome 

Teoremi delle Nature Differenti  curated by Patrizia Mania,  Marco Rossi Lecce Gallery, 

Teoremi Together  Marco Rossi Lecce Gallery Rome


Presenze Giovani Artisti Bertolt Brecht Gallery Milan 

The Erotic Image (the show was conceived as a protest against the attempt to censor Robert Mapplethorpe Cincinnati exhibition)  Bennet and Siegel Gallery, New York

Giovani Artisti a Roma  curated by Enzo Bilardello and Enrico Crispolti Palazzo Esposizioni, Rome 


Arcadia Perduta  curated by Gianleonardo Latini, Palazzina Corsini Rome 

1989 Accademia Europa  S. Michele A Ripa, Rome 


 Artisti dell’ Accademia S. Michele A Ripa, Rome 


Project Against Apartheid  Denmark Academy, Rome 

Plexus International Traveling exhibit  New York, Sardegna, Rome 

Progetto Mare, Ostia, Italy 

Da Un Posto All’Altro,  Il Luogo Gallery , Calcata Italy 


International Art ‘86  Castello Colonna Genazzano, Italy 


Premio Manciano ‘84,  Grosseto, Italy


New International Gallery Rome 


Premio Donatello  Palazzo Barberini / Rome 


Public Collections


Art in Embassies /USA Dept. of State, Athens Greece

Santa Monica Museum of Art

Torrance Art Museum





100 Mannequin for Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica Mall


art project commissioned by Naked Juice for Santa Monica Pier Restoration, during the Twilight music concert series Santa Monica, CA 





Art & Sustainability @ Santa Monica Art Studios 


Art Adventures through Italian Language, Art Workshops at Italian Cultural Institute/Fondazione Italia Los Angeles  


Artist Talk panel of the exhibition FOCUS, with Patrizia Mania, Maurizio Calvesi, Daniela Lancioni, Sukran Moral, Universita' di Roma La Sapienza, Rome 


Video/Films Screening



SMARTists  director/producer. A documentary into the life of a community artists at SMAS


Bocca della Verita` (Journey into Sex Slavery), director/producer. Screening at South East European Film Festival Goethe Institute, Los Angeles


Alla Fiera dell'East, screening of Bocca della Verita`, presented by Prof. Aine O'Healy, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles 


Not Just a House  director/producer. A documentary about the building of an house for a Florida family struggling re-start their life after the hurricane Wilma. Majestic Crest Theatre, Westwood Los Angeles


The Journey Arena 1 Gallery Santa Monica

WIF Women in Film screening of Bocca della Verita`, director/producer. Hollywood Entertainment Museum Los Angeles 


Topanga Film Festival, official selection for the documentary Bocca della Verita` (Journey into Sex Slavery) director/producer. Topanga, CA

Connect/Disconnect director/producer. presented during the event Envisioning the Future, Cal Poly Pomona Art Colony, CA




BETWEEN TWO SEAS # 3 / 9 Italian Artists from Puglia/ Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica


BETWEEN TWO SEAS/ LA INTERNATIONAL” 33 international artists Arena 1 Gallery Santa Monica

BETWEEN TWO SEAS/ Southern California meets Southern Italy” 18 Californian artists MAAAC Museo Area Archeologica Arte Contemporanea Cisternino, Italy 


Italians photographers in Contemporary Art, Pico House Gallery Los Angeles





More Art Here/SMAS Luigia Martelloni : Artillery/ Santa Monica Mirror/ the Argonaut / Art Scene/ Art Cake


Huffington post: The Forest of Then and Now by Shana Nys Dambrot 

Il Corriere di Los Angeles: An Italian Artist Standout in Los Angeles by M Cristina Heller 

Respiri Calligrafici by Patrizia Mania 

The Journey Back to Earth by Linda Dzhema 

Roma Cultura: Ricomporre la Terra by Gianleonardo Latini 

ArtScene: & Art Diversions LA, Elements at The Loft at Liz's by Genie Davis 

Artribune / Artsy: My Roots Can Hear the Leaves Grow 


ArtScene May 2015, Mopla “Realities and Concepts” by Simone Kussatz by Alexo Wandael


Lucie Foundation 2014 IPA /MOPLA


Luigia Martelloni SMAS Opening Studio by Kathy Leonardo “Pick of the Week” LA Art Party Oct 15 2013


Santa Monica Airport Art Walk The Argonaut Newspaper March 15, 2012 


Lo Stato dell’Arte/ The State of the Arts: Padiglione Italia 54th Esposizione d’Arte della Biennale di Venezia.

Italian Cultural Institutes in the World by Vittorio Sgarbi and Francesca Valente. Skira Editore Milano 

Roma Cultura “Luigia Martelloni” 54th Biennale di Venezia, June, July 

The 54th Venice Biennale in Los Angeles, Italian Pavilion in the World 2011 L’Italo Americano Los Angeles

Italian Cultural Institute, News letter 06/12, by Alberto Di Mauro 


Art Scene Los Angeles // June/July/August 

Libro/Oggetto ; Italian Artists’ Books, 1960s-Now // review by Giovanna Zamboni Paulis “


THE Art magazine Los Angeles // September 

DOVE Magazine, Rizzoli Publishing Italia :“Channel Islands” photo and written by Luigia Martelloni // May 

L’Arte Imperfetta by Patrizia Mania, Editori Riuniti 

Night Italia Magazine,  Luigia Martelloni by Marco Fioramanti 


Patrizia Mania Interview Luigia Martelloni, Lux Flux Theory 


Biennale di Arte Contemporanea di Porto Ercole – Bip -Art- Net Edizioni 


Patrizia Mania: La Donna, L’Arte, La Critica d’Arte, e La Storia dell’ Arte”, DWF

Luigia Martelloni: Presence of Absence”, America Oggi // January 


Luigia Martelloni: Presence of Absence, L’Italo Americano // December 

Gli Artisti e l’Universita” by Francesca Lamanna – FPM Edizioni 

La Biennale della Post Modernita` Estinta” by Domenico Scudero 


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Europa Festival Italo Americano Los Angeles July 

L’Arte a Roma 1st Edizione della rassegna di Arte Contemporanea a Roma // Zephiro Editore 

Luigia Martelloni: Focus by G. Latini, Next Art Magazine // February 


Ipotesi di Realta by Lucilla Meloni 

Luigia Martelloni: Focus by Patrizia Mania // Editore Carte Segrete 

Ultime Generazioni Palazzo Esposizione, Nazionale Quadriennale di Roma, Edizioni De Luca 

Ipotesi di Realtà, Journal of Art // November “XII Quadriennale di Roma” 

Luigia Martelloni: Focus Domenico Scudero // Opening Contemporary Art Magazine // November

Luigia Martelloni: Focus  Gianluca Marziani / Flash Art November


Fax Art by Ludovico Pratesi and Massimo Catalani


Depositi di Polvere” by Giuseppe Cannilla and Lucilla Meloni – Edizioni F&D 


Luigia Martelloni: La Fotografia e Il Suo Doppio by Patrizia Mania / Opening Art Magazine 1992 

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UCLA extension, Entertainment studies/Directing courses

Santa Monica College,  Photography studies

Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, MFA